3D Printing and scanning

3D Printer - da Vinci 1.0 AiO

3D Printing has never been so easy...

da Vinci 1.0 AiO 3D Printer / Scanner

...as EASY as 1-2-3

  • Speedy Scan Algorithm
    Scanning in less than 5 mins
  • Dual-Head Laser Scan Technology
    For the best scanning results
  • Automatic Rotating Scan Platform
    Complete 360 degree scanning
  • Smart-fix Technology
    Makes scanning objects simple
  • Easy-to-use XYZ Scan Software
    Makes scanning objects simple
  • Plug-and-Play easy to use Printer
    Set up & start in minutes
  • Huge 456 Cubic Inch Build Volume
    7.8 x 7.8 x 7.5in / 20 x 20 x 19cm
  • XYZ 3D Design + Cloud
    An online platform for 3D creativity

daVinci AiO 3D Printer Scanner


Incredible Technology...

Dual-head laser scanning significantly heightens the scanning precision capturing a full 360 degree 3D image using the fully rotating platform. Also built into the AiO unit are two HD 2MP Cameras with Laser Diode Modules to formulate and mimic the spatial dimensions of the scanned object. Incredibly a 3 Dimensional model can be generated by the XYZ Scan Software in just 5 minutes turning absolutely anyone into a professional 3D Designer!


The World's First All-in-One Printer...

The da Vinci AiO is the is the World's first fully integrated all-in-one 3D Scanner and Printer. The da Vinci AiO really does open up endless possibilities and allows for a freedom of creativity and inventiveness that just has not been available until now.


Easy to use...

It has never been easier to reproduce, redesign and reinvent, the possibilities are simply limitless. XYZPrinting have made the whole process so easy, just scan, edit and print your 3D creation.

See the da Vinci 1.0 AiO in action

View the daVinci 1.0 3D printer

Awards Already!

Envisioneering Inovation and Design Award - Tom's Guide Best of Computex 2014

da Vinci 1.0 AiO - Envisioneering Innovation and Design Award 2014da Vinci 1.0 AiO - Best of Computex 2014

Product Documentation & Support Videos

da Vinci downloadable designsWe have various useful da Vinci 1.0 AiO product documents and support videos available to guide you through setup and configuration on our resources page.

Scan Example

Scan Example

Product & Packaging Dimensions

da Vinci 1.0 dimensions

da Vinci 1.0 AiO Specifications



Maximum build volume (WxHxD)

7.48 x 7.8 x 7.8 inch (19 x 20 x 20cm)

Software (XYZWare)

File Types : .stl, XYZ Format
OS Supports : Windows XP (.Net 4.0 required), Windows 7+
Mac OSX 10.8 64-bit +
Note: A standard VGA driver on operating system required, or a graphics card that doesn't support OpenGL 2.1, may cause unknown error in XYZware software.

Scan Software (XYZScan)

File Types : .stl, das Format
OS Supports : Windows 7+
Mac OSX 10.8 64-bit +


Hardware Requirements (for PC/Mac)
PC X86 32/64-Bit compatible PCs with 4GB+ DRAM
Apple Mac X86 64-Bit compatible Macs with 4GB+DRAM
Connectivity USB 2.0


Panel Type : 2.6" FSTN LCM

Scanner Technique

Slit Laser Triangulation

Dual Scan Engine: 2M Pixels Camera & Laser Diode Module
Scan Size ( x H): 5.9 x 5.9 inch (15 x 15cm)
Scan Accuracy: 0.25mm (250 m)
Scan Resolution: 0.25mm (250 m)
Turntable Payload: 6.6lb / 3kg (Max.)

Print Head

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
Filament Material: ABS/PLA

Printing Mode

Fine: 0.1 MM (100 Microns)
Standard: 0.2 MM (200 Microns)
Speed: 0.3 MM (300 Microns)
Ultra Fast: 0.4 MM (400 Microns)

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