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Dry Film Laminators

A3 Mega Drive Laminator

For smaller volume production the Mega Drive Hot Roll Laminator will enable you to apply Dry Film Photo-Resist sheets to a wide range of materials including Copper PCB Laminates, Stainless Steel and Brass. For small scale production they offer an economical alternative to the Double Sided Roll Laminators. One side is laminated at a time to a thickness of 3mm. The gearing and drive mechanism has been totally re-engineered by us to make it suitable for dry film lamination. The machine will easily accept 3mm stainless steel without any stalling that would cause poor lamination. All temperature and speed controls are microprocessor controlled with a pre-set condition which can be manually overridden. Temperature and speed number (1-6) are indicated on the LCD display.

The machine is supplied complete with a Load and Exit Platform Assembly. This frees the operator from holding the panel enabling the dry film to be supported during the lamination process which prevents any creasing. Customers who have previously bought our A3 laminator can purchase this separately.

  • A3 Mega Drive Laminator
  • Max Lamination Width: 325mm
  • Dimensions of laminator (mm): 545W x 270D x 130H
  • Dimensions with the load/tray fitted (mm): 545W 720D x 170H
  • Weight: 15Kg
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Dry Film Dispenser

Handling a roll of 12 Dry Film Photoresist for use with an A3 Mega Drive Laminator can be tricky. The roll has to be unwrapped in safelight conditions; you then have to unroll the required amount of film on a clean flat surface, cut your film square and then roll up and rewrap your master roll.

Those handling issues are now eliminated with a Dry Film Dispenser.

This dispenser has been designed to provide light safe storage and trouble free dispensing of dry film in a production environment. It is quick and easy to load, has a convenient storage facility for associated tools and incorporates an effective film measurement gauge.

Instructions for use - Click to view

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27-22700 Dry Film Dispenser for 305mm (12") ROLLS 95.00

Dry Film Solder Mask

Dry film solder mask,75 micron thick.The green material is sheet laminated to a PCB.With an artwork,an exposure is made to UV and the unwanted areas developed away with Dry Film Developer before final curing.Data sheet available on our web site.

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500-195-2 Dry Film Soldermask 12" x 5m 50.45
500-095-1 DRY FILM SOLDERMASK 75 MICRON 12" X 25M 234.00

Dry Film Photoresist and Developer

Negative working 40 micron dry film Photoresist for PCB and metal etching. Film supplied in packs of two rolls. Rolls can be used directly on roll laminators or cut to sheets for sheet laminators.

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500-024 DRY FILM PHOTORESIST (12") 305mm X 30M (2 PER PCK) 107.00
500-021 DRY FILM PHOTORESIST (12") 305mm x 150M (2 PER PCK) 329.00
500-055 DRY FILM PHOTORESIST (18") 457MM X 150M 2 ROLL PK 510.00 Sorry, This item is not available online. Please contact our sales department.
500-057 DRY FILM PHOTORESIST 600mm x 150M (2 ROLL PACK) 675.00

Dry film Photoresist Developer is a special formulation specifically for the above dry film resist.
Developer used at 30 -35C.

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500-164 Developer Conc for Dry Film 1L makes 25L 13.00
500-162 Developer Conc for Dry Film 5L makes 125L 50.00

Dry Film Roll Laminators

A 350mm and 650mm dry film roll laminator for simple and effective laminating of rolls of Dry Film Photoresist to various substrates. The units are particularly useful for both printed circuit board production and the lamination of dry film to brass, steel etc for metal etching applications. Both sides of the substrate are simultaneously laminated. The machines use accurate controlled temperature and feed and automatically remove the polyofin separator sheet of the dry film.

Main features include:

  • Exclusive pre-set temperature and speed setting programs for a variety of applications just by Pressing a button on the digital display panel.
  • Adjustable override controls for both temperature and speed to compensate for variations in material or conditions.
  • Heater roller and pressure roller construction in silicon rubber allows roller gap adjustment ensuring correct pressure for panels up to 4 mm thick.
  • Function button displays actual roller temperature during operation.
  • Instant switch from Centigrade to Fahrenheit
  • Warm-up time only 10 minutes due to the Infrared heater design which gives better heat distribution and control.
  • Ready and Wait visual and audible signals alert operator to laminator readiness thus reducing errors.
  • 8 Bit microprocessor digital heat controller permits precise setting and guarantees fast response times.
  • Reverse function button allows easy film clear from the machine.
Max working width: 27-22800 model 305mm
27-22802 model 610mm
Temperature range: 0 - 130C
Lamination speeds: 0 - 1.6 metres/min variable in 10 stages
Roll Size: 75mm Internal core
Max Length 150m
Power requirements: 220/240v 50/60Hz Single phase 12Amp
Shipping dimensions (mm):  27-22800 model 670W x 500H x 690L
27-22802 model 670W x 500H x1010L
Shipping weight: 27-22800 model 35 kilos
27-22802 model 49 kilos
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27-22800 GX12 12" Dry film laminator 3425.00
27-22802 GX24 24" Dry film laminator 5049.00