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Professional PCB Production Kit 2

Professional PCB Production Kit 2

For 10" x 12" (254 x 305mm)

Kit 2 is ideal for precision, small PCBs; either prototypes or small volume production. Precision is achievable by photoplotted artworks, a CNC drilling machine and chemical through hole plating.

  • A full set of consumables is included.
  • Wastewater systems also available to complement this kit.

Professional Circuit Board Production Kit 2

Images showing the production process achievable with the equipment provided in this kit...

  • 1. Negative Image

  • 2. Drilled Board

  • 3. Dry Film Developed

  • 4. Dry Film Etching

  • 5. Etched and Tinned

  • 6. Solder Mask

Kit 2 Products...

Please view the products included within this kit in the scrolling window below... this also shows the products in the order they would be used to process a PCB.

  • 1. Photoplotter for precision artworks

  • 2. CNC drill with the CCD 2 machine

  • 3. CCD2 Bench Top Enclosure

  • 4. Brush Clean the PCB Laminates

  • 5. Through Hole Plate in PL903 ABC Copper Plating Line

  • 6. Air Drying machine for the laminates

  • 7. Roll Laminator for Dry Film Resists

  • 8. Exposure to UV in Double Sided unit

  • 9. Two Rota-Sprays for Developing and Etching

  • 10. 5 tank unit for chemical processing

  • 11. Multi-Function chemical resistant sink to aid production

  • 12. Dispenser for Solder Mask

  • 13. Laminator for Solder Mask

  • 14. Laboratory Oven to cure Solder Mask

  • 15. Shear for cutting laminates

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