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Rota-Spray’ and 'Rota-Spray Plus'

  Rota-Spray 'Plus'

Rota-Spray 'Plus' with Optional
Base Unit




A Spray Processor with many advanced features making an ideal upgrade to a Bubble Etch Tank. The Rota-Spray is a Spray Processor with an in-built Spray Wash Tank and is normally used for Etch / Spray Wash. The 'Rota-Spray Plus' features an additional static unheated Developing Tank enabling the unit to be used as an Develop / Spray Wash / Spray Etch combination. Both units feature:

  • Digital temperature control - Set & control temperatures accurately.
  • Transparent case design - Panels can be examined after processing without removing.
  • Integral Spray Wash Tank - Washes the entire board holder to keep whole etching process clean. Fitted with adjustable spray bars.
  • Etches PCBs in less than 90 seconds! - 3-4 times faster than a Bubble Etch Tank.
  • Static Developing Tank, unheated with bottom drain - 'Rota-Spray Plus' only
  • Bottom drain with secure fastening - No syphoning necessary.
  • Splash hopper included - Helps to contain chemistry to aid clean processing.
  • Safety cut-out on lid - Motor cuts off if lid is raised during etching.
  • Optional Base Unit available - Places the top of the unit at an efficient working height of 110cm
  • New Board Holder - Takes multiple small boards. Low profile design means less etchant or developer collects on board holder keeping processing cleaner.
  • Digital timer controls processing time - As the board is not immersed in liquid, there is no over-processing after completion. This makes over-etching very difficult.
  • 10" x 12" (254 x 305 mm) Board capacity
  • Dimensions : 'Rota-Spray' H 650, W 475, D 500 mm 'Rota-Spray Plus' H 650, W 540, D 500 mm
  • Optional Base Unit Height : 450mm
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500-702 Rota-Spray Processor 10" x 12" £1117.55
500-713 Rota-Spray Plus ( Develop / Wash / Etch) £1288.50
500-707 Rota-Spray Base Unit £96.85
500-703 Rota-Spray Processor 10" x 12" 110v 60Hz version £1307.00 Sorry, This item is not available online. Please contact our sales department.
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Rota-Spray Water Boost Base Unit

Having a good pressure of water supply connected to your Rota-Spray ensures fast efficient spray washing of your PCBs and prevents chemical cross-contamination. When local pressure is low the 500-030 Rota-Spray Water Boost Base Unit should be considered in place of a standard Base Unit. The Water Boost Base Unit contains a chamber of mains water and a submersible pump to ensure high water pressure is delivered to your spray wash tank. Requires a mains water inlet, water feed, waste water facility for overflow and 13amp supply. Conforms to water bylaws.

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Process Equipment Wash Water Booster Unit

A booster unit similar to the above 500-030 except it can be used with all our other PCB processing tanks rather than just the Rota-Sprays.

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500-108 PROCESS EQUIPMENT WASH WATER BOOSTER UNIT £432.60 Sorry, This item is not available online. Please contact our sales department.
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Rota-Station and Rota-Station 'Plus' PCB Processing Unit

This new product incorporates a Rota-Spray or Rota-Station Plus with two digitally controlled heated PCB tanks, a Spray Wash Tank and a Processing Sink to offer a comprehensive PCB Production Solution.

For those that already have one the Rota-Station is available without a Rota-Spray.

The Rota-Spray (described in detail elsewhere on our site) is designed to spray etch and wash circuits but customers have asked Mega for modifications so it can handle a more comprehensive PCB production process. This is what the new Rota-Station offers. In essence it is a Rota-Spray with an additional two digitally controlled Heated Process Tanks either side of a Spray-Wash Tank and an integral Hot/Cold sink. The new Rota-Station therefore offers all the efficiencies of the spray etching of the Rota-Spray with additional processing tanks. It is envisaged that one of the heated tanks will be used for developing, with the second used for either stripping or tinning. Anyone who has ever made circuit boards will realise the benefit of having an integral sink with a hot and cold mixer tap.

Rota-Station ‘Plus’
For the ultimate in PCB production the Rota-Station ‘Plus’ is the same as above but it includes a Rota-Spray Plus machine with its additional Developing Tank. This means the user has a complete processing sequence available of Develop / Spray Wash / Spray Etch/ Spray Wash / Resist Strip / Spray Wash / Immerse Tin.

Rota-Station 'Plus'

Dimensions as shown above

Order Code Description   1+ Qty:
500-705 Rota-Station (supplied WITH Rota-Spray) £2554.00
500-714 Rota-Station 'Plus' (supplied WITH Rota-Spray 'Plus') £2702.00
500-704 Rota-Station (supplied WITHOUT Rota-Spray) £1481.15
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Jet 34d - Rotary Etching Machine

The Jet 34d is a low cost rotary etching machine ideally suited to the manfacture of prototype and small batch quantities of PCBs. As well as etching the unit can also be used for spray developing and spray resist stripping. The machine is of a sturdy PVC construction and is mounted on a stand which places the machine at a convenient working height. Etching solution is contained in a tank at the base of the machine. It is heated by a powerful quartz heater which assures a short warm up time and constant temperature which is controlled electronically. Boards up to 300 x 400mm can be etched although several smaller boards can be placed in the special board carrier, the handle of which protrudes out of the machine eliminating operator contact with the etchant. The machine etches one side at a time and so for double sided PCBs the board holder is rotated 180º before the second etching cycle. In front of the etching chamber is a built in overflow wash tank for the rinsing of the etched boards. The triangular form of the body of the machine makes it ideal to place in a corner of a room. The efficiency of this spray etcher has been proven by line resolution of better than 0.1mm and etching speed of only 90 seconds with fresh ferric chloride.

Maximum Panel Size: 300 x 400mm
Sump Capacity: 20 litres
Dimensions: Width 650 x Depth 690mm
Electrics:  220-240V/50Hz 1ph.

Order Code Description   1+ Qty:
35-16046 JET 34D SPRAY PROCESSOR £2634.00 Sorry, This item is not available online. Please contact our sales department.
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