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Wunderboard High Definition (HD) White Sublimation Aluminium

Wunderboard High Definition White Sublimation Aluminium

Mega is pleased to introduce a new High Definition (HD) sublimation metal for the ultimate, Signs, Point Of Sale, Advertising, Graphics And Photographs.

Unlike other sublimation aluminium the 1.14mm (0.045) sheets are polyester coated several times to provide a thick sublimation coating. This enables incredible high definition images to be reproduced that are also scratch and weather resistant. The HD metal is certified to ISO 4892-3:2013 for UV resistance to two years. The HD Sublimation Metal manufactured by Wunderboard can be considered an excellent alternative to Chromaluxe aluminium.

HD Sublimation Metal for Fine Art Printing - Click here for details

HD Sublimation Metal Processing Instructions - Click here for details

High Definition White Sublimation Aluminium

The high gloss white aluminium is supplied in cut sheets. The following sizes are available and the table below advises what size printer/paper you will need.

Click to view a HD Sublimation Metal Walk-Through Click to view a HD Aluminium Sublimation Printing For Photographers Video
Part No. Description Paper size needed
71-3050 HD METAL (10 SHT) 5"X7" (127X177.8MM) A4
71-3053 HD METAL (10 SHT) 8"X10" (203.2X254MM) A3
71-3054 HD METAL (10 SHT) 12"X12" (304.8X304.8MM) A3 Plus
71-3055 HD METAL (10 SHT) 11"X14" (279.4X355.6MM) A3
71-3056 HD METAL (10 SHT) 12"X18" (304.8X457.2MM) A3 Plus
71-3057 HD METAL (10 SHT) 24"X24" (609.6X609.6MM) Large format VJ628
71-3058 HD METAL (10 SHT) 24"X36" (609.6X914.4MM) Large format VJ628

Prices below, sometimes we can split a pack - please ask...

Order Code Description   1+ Qty:
71-3050 HD SUB METAL WHITE GLOSS (10PK) 5X7" (127X177.8MM) 25.75
71-3053 HD SUB METAL WHITE GLOSS (10PK) 8X10"(203.2X254MM) 40.00
71-3055 HD SUB METAL WHITE GLOSS(10PK)11X14"(279.4X355.6MM 68.00
71-3054 HD SUB METAL WHITE GLOSS(10PK)12X12"(304.8X304.8MM 58.00
71-3056 HD SUB METAL WHITE GLOSS(10PK)12X18"(304.8X457.2MM 99.00
71-3060 HD SUB METAL WHITE GLOSS(10PK)16X20"(406.4X508MM) 150.00
71-3057 HD SUB METAL WHITE GLOSS(10PK)24X24"(609.6X609.6MM 195.00
71-3058 HD SUB METAL WHITE GLOSS(10PK)24X36"(609.6X914.4MM 325.00
Prices exclude VAT & Delivery

Always use Endura Fabric when pressing HD Metal as it removes moisture and helps protect the edges which can become slightly brittle and prone to chipping during pressing.

Order Code Description   1+ Qty:
71-CL4000 ENDURA FABRIC 1.5M X 1.0M 8.50 Sorry, This item is not available online. Please contact our sales department.
Prices exclude VAT & Delivery

Durable routed PVC Foam 10mm mounting blocks

PVC Foam Mounting Blocks
  • Removable circular spacers for the corner of the panel
  • Two different positioned key hole slots
  • High grab VHB adhesive tape pre-applied for mounting to the panel
  • Draw a straight line on the panel and then use to horizontal or vertical notches to ensure square alignment
  • Small - 128mm x 179mm x 10mm
  • Large - 173mm x 191mm x 10mm

Order Code Description   1+ Qty:
71-3071 HD METAL WALL MOUNTING BLOCK - SMALL 128x179x10mm 3.49
71-3072 HD METAL WALL MOUNTING BLOCK - LARGE 191x173X10mm 3.99
Prices exclude VAT & Delivery

Custom Panels

As well as the standard sizes we can use our routing machines to produce custom sizes for making various shapes like table tops - please contact us for details:

01223 893 900

Call us on 01223893900 to arrange an appointment
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