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Sublimation System - Equipment

Heat Presses

Please note the exact design of a heat press may vary.

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Ricoh Sublimation Printers and Cartridges

Fast and reliable, especially when not used regularly, these new printers offer the next generation in sublimation printing technology. The new printers use high capacity ink cartridges, 29ml for the A4 and 60ml for the A3, which means economical sublimation printing is available without the use of a bulk feed system. Although the A3 option is a larger initial outlay the cost per ml of the ink is some 37% less so it will be more economical to run. Both printers are offered with an initial set of cartridges and are supplied free of charge with ICC colour profiling software and a Power Driver for automatic mirroring of printed images.

Stainless Steel Sealing Tanks

For Sealing ANO-transfer aluminium

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Mino General purpose ovens

General purpose ovens for the sublimation of Photo-mugs and WOW™ mugs.

A range of high quality low cost ovens are available - ask for separate catalogue