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Sundries and Accessories

Processing Dishes

Rigid polystyrene trays suitable for processing copy or reversal films, or for developing or tinning PCBs. The trays, which have a spout to facilitate emptying, are available in three sizes.

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45-3806 410mm x 500mm Processing dish (tray) 20.40
45-3807 305mm x 410mm Processing dish (tray) 14.80
45-3808 254mm x 305mm Processing dish (tray) 8.00


PC 180 Syphon

For emptying tanks up to 350mm deep, (as supplied, with PA range.)

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191023 Syphon Pump 6.00


Black Conductive PCB Rack


Black conductive Polypropylene holder for storage, transportation and protection of PCBs during manufacture and assembly. The rack is resistant to most liquids used in production processes and withstand temperatures of up to 75°C. Each rack holds 25 boards of varying sizes. Small - D210 x W274 x H83mm, maximum board thickness: 2.4mm. The rack is carbon loaded for protection of CMOS assembled boards. Electrical resistance Rv: 103 to 105

Note : Large rack no longer available

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PC190 Tray Polypropylene

Easily handled size 13" x 9" x 2" with carrying lips. May be used for some chemical processes e.g. PC163 immerse tin.

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900-011 PC190 Tray Polypropylene 3.20


Guillotine Blades


PCB Processing Tanks/Lines

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900-039 Lid & Basket 10" X 12" 8.70
900-041 Lid & Basket 18"x12" 10.80
160032 Tank Heater 240V 500W 47.30
160056 Tank Thermostat 0-60 17.30
291000 Bubble Bar Assembly 11.15

Spares - UV Exposure Units

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170011 12" 8W Tube 05 6.00
170012 18" 15W Tube 05 7.50