3D Printing

Explore the exciting new technology
of 3D printing with our range of
affordable 3D printers starting at
less than ÂĢ250!

Spray processing Tanks

Spray Etch and Spray Wash

Rota-Spray Plus
Develop, Spray Wash, Spray Etch

FAPC 5000
Conveyorised Processing Module

Rota-Spray Plus Video

Metal Etching Kits

  • Etch brass or stainless steel
  • Etch steel in 8-10 minutes
  • Various sized kits available
  • £1 per square foot
    processing costs

Quick-Mark Digital (QMD)

Make your own

  • Signs
  • Labels
  • Control Panels

with any office laser

Introductory Kit only £22.00

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