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da Vinci 1.0A 3D printing for schools and education

3D Printer for schoolsMega Electronics have been supplying Technology Departments in schools for over 35 years. We still provide everything that is required to make printed circuit boards and since 1993 have been the market leader for the supply of Sublimation Printing Systems in Schools. We understand what our school customers need and for the last 3+ years we have been looking at 3D printers. We have been surprised how many high cost, unguarded, small and expensive machines have been offered to this sector. Earlier this year XYZ Printing the manufacturers of the Da Vinci 3D Printer offered us their machine. We immediately saw the build quality, output size and safe operating of the machine would be popular with schools. What we were really surprised about was the price. At 355 plus VAT it makes the machine an excellent choice for our school customers.

Key benefits for schools and education

  • Safe and enclosed. No access to moving parts when in operation (this is very important for schools!)
  • Build size 200mmx200mmx200mm - much larger than many other machines
  • Price – half the price of many other machines - you can buy two machines from Mega for the price of a competitors machine and you have double the production capacity.
  • Truly Plug n Play. No excessive setup required Simple to use
  • Intelligent chipped filament carts. Print jobs are not wasted due to running out of loaded filament.

The most affordable personal 3D printer

At Mega we have been aware that our customers would be interested in the exciting new technology of 3D printing. We have been searching for a machine with high build quality, that is truly plug-n-play, offers a useful big size capacity, is safe to use and is affordable. When we were offered the da Vinci 1.0A from XYZ Printing to resell we immediately saw the machine 'ticked all the boxes' so we began a thorough testing program. The machine continues to impress and at just 355* we felt this was an ideal opportunity to offer it to our customers.

The BEST 3D printer in its class?

Best 3D Printer in its class?The da Vinci 1.0A is an affordable plug-n-play 3D printer designed for home use, small businesses schools and education. It offers safety features and an open-source database of free 3D object designs to get you started. The da Vinci 1.0A is an out-of-the-box printer with no assembly or equipment adjustment required, making it a genuine plug-and-play personal 3D printer. The da Vinci is equipped with a three-step EZ Mode designed to make 3D printing simple and painless for non-experienced users. With Smart Platform Auto Calibration, the distance between the nozzle and print-bed is automatically calibrated to the best position.

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High Quality, Low Cost

Priced at just 355* da Vinci is the most affordable 3D printer of its capacity on the market.

Awards Already!

2014 CES Editors' Choice Award Winner - Most affordable 3D Printer & Best Choice Award at Computex 2014

da Vinci 1.0 - 2014 CES Editors' Choice Award Winnerda Vinci 1.0 - Computex Best Choice 2014

See the da Vinci 1.0 in action


da Vinci prints high quality items that are 20 x 20 x 20cm which is 20%, on average, larger than what other 3D printers in its class can print.


  • Plug-and-play Printer: da Vinci is an out-of-the-box printer that requires no assembly or equipment adjustment, making it one of the few genuine plug-and-play 3D printers available to consumers.
  • User-Friendly ABS Filament: With easy-to-install ABS filament cartridges users can easily refill the printer or switch colours. Smart chipped cartridges show you how much filament is left!


Closed Printing Area: da Vinci's all enclosed design protects users from the high temperatures required to print and ensures printing by products aren't released outside the printing area.


  • Automatic Software Upgrades: With automatic software upgrades, da Vinci is always ready to print.
  • Smart Platform Auto Calibration: The distance between the nozzle and print-bed will be automatically calibrated to the best position to enhance print quality.
  • EZ Mode: da Vinci is equipped with a three-step EZ Mode designed to make 3D printing simple.

3D Design for schools

da Vinci downloadable designsda Vinci includes XYZ World, an open-platform 3D cloud library, featuring thousands of easy-to-use, downloadable designs. XYZ World includes pre-loaded designs which users can modify and customize to their preference, or users can upload and share their own designs with the community. Featuring a user-generated five-star rating system, XYZ World makes printing items - from toys and jewellery, to housewares and tools - fun and easy.

600g ABS Filament cartridges

da Vinci ABS Filament CartridgesThe machine is truly plug-n-play so you get starter filament with your machine. Extra 600g cartridges are available in several different colours. With these easy-to-install ABS filament cartridges users can easily refill the printer or switch colours. They are smart chipped cartridges show you how much filament is left!

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Product Documentation & Support Videos

da Vinci downloadable designsWe have various useful da Vinci 1.0A product documents and support videos available to guide you through setup and configuration on our resources page.

Product & Packaging Dimensions

da Vinci 1.0 dimensions

da Vinci 1.0A Specifications



Maximum build volume (WxHxD)

7.8W X 7.8H X 7.8D INCH (20 X 20 X 20 CM)

Printing Mode

FINE: 0.1 MM (100 Microns)
STD: 0.2 MM (200 Microns)
SPEED: 0.3 MM (300 Microns)
ULTRA FAST: 0.4 MM (400 Microns)

Print Head

Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Print Speed 150 mm/s
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Filament Material ABS


File Types .stl, XYZ Format(.3w)
OS Supports Windows XP (.Net 4.0 required), Windows 7+, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Mac OSX 10.8 64-bit +
Note: Stardard VGA driver on operating system, or a graphics card doesn't support OpenGL 2.1, may cause unknown error in XYZware.


Hardware Requirements (FOR PC/MAC)
Connectivity USB 2.0

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