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Mayku FormBox - Vacuum Former

Mayku FormBox

Mayku FormBox - Vacuum Former

The Mayku FormBox is an affordable desktop vacuum former that brings your ideas to life. It enables you to produce a plastic moulding of an original which could be anything from a 3D printed model to a seashell or even a piece of potato! That moulding can then be used in a variety of ways; it could be decorated or used to cast reproductions in many different materials such as Plaster-of- Paris, chocolate, soap or wax. The FormBox works with any vacuum cleaner and no additional software or digital model manipulation needed. Seeing those big ideas come to life never seemed so simple.

View MAYKU FormBox in action

Little FormBox, big potential

Unlike your soon to be created products, the FormBox wasn’t built overnight. It was meticulously designed to be the perfect size for your desktop. The simple design paired with a vacuum cleaner makes creating easier than ever.

Mayku FormBox Machine

The FormBox moulds a 3D shape in seconds

A world of materials to experiment with

With the moulds you make you can experiment with materials to find the perfect design. From delicious chocolates and scented candles to concrete pots. It’s your creation.


Features at a glance

Universal vacuum adaptor
Connect the Mayku FormBox using an adapter that fits any standard vacuum cleaner.
Auto-on off
When the trays are pulled down, an automatic trigger will turn on the suction of your connected vacuum cleaner.
A timer is activated after the plastic has been inserted and the temperature set. The built-in speakers will alert you when the plastic is ready to be formed.
A 200w ceramic heater with a range of 160c to 340c, and a dial to precisely set the correct temperature for your plastic to form.

Product specifications

Mayku FormBox Machine

Mayku FormBox includes

  • Mayku Formbox Vacuum Former
  • A full starter kit with a manual, 3 templates to learn the basics of vacuum forming with, 1kg of Mayku Pour (a strong, durable plaster) and 30 sheets of material, 15 of each type.

Note: Mayku Pour is a high quality, dense and sheer while plaster powder, which when mixed with tap water creates a liquid that sets quickly in our Cast Sheet forms to create a solid, marble-like material that can be sanded, painted and collaged. We ensured it is non-toxic and easy to use by providing measuring scoops so that the user can get the right mix every time.

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Mayku Cast Sheets Pack Shot

Mayku Cast Sheets 30 pack

Transparent and food-safe PETG 0.5mm sheets for making reusable molds. The slight flex and non-stick surface that the sheet provides ensures that your templates and casts can be removed with ease. Fully recyclable, partly made from recycled plastic waste.

Mayku Form Sheets Pack Shot

Mayku Form Sheets 30 pack

A 0.5mm versatile, easy-to-use white sheet. Great for product packaging, prototyping and enhancing decorative craft projects. Fully recyclable, partly made from recycled plastic waste.

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