PhCNC PCB Prototyping Software

Click here to download PhCNC software direct from the AccurateCNC website

Short list of the PhCNC features:

  • Easy and quick import of Gerber 274X/274D and Excellon drill files
  • Insulation with up to 8 tools
  • Rubout with up to 16 tools (8 insulation + 8 additional rubout tools)
  • Design Rules Violation & Forced Insulation options
  • Remove spikes
  • Breakout tabs
  • Easy clone/move/rotate/delete PCB objects/groups
  • One click switching between CAM & CNC mode
  • Machining window (allows selected area of machining)
  • Machining large projects (up to 60 inches along X axis, incremental machining using fiducial camera)
  • Batch execution (Top & Bottom)
  • Thermal compensation
  • Auto Fiducial Registration
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