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High Quality Universal Extraction System (debris collection)

Vacuum Extraction System

We offer a high quality universal vacuum extraction system for debris collection. The unit will work with any PCB milling machine requiring debris collection.

High Quality Universal Extraction System
  • Price: Ask for quote
  • 3.5mm jack input and lead
  • Controllable by the machine
  • 4-32V DC input voltage range
  • On/Off switch control
  • Remote control by air pressure switch
  • 100-120V/60Hz
  • 220-240V/50Hz
  • Low noise and ability to run continuously
  • Long Service Life
  • Part No. : 75-0005

The vacuum debris collecting system has a very long service life and low noise. It contains a side channel blower vacuum generator with a single phase motor, polypropylene collection chamber and submicron filter.

The unit is Universal and can be connected to any PCB milling machine requiring efficient debris collection. It has three control options. These are 1. Simple on/off switch. 2. Can be controlled by the machine software through a 3.5 mm jack plug with connecting lead. Control voltage range 4-32V DC. This feature is available on all Accurate CNC machines and does not therefore require the automatic vacuum starter. 3. By remote air pressure switch.

The unit is cost effective and unlike standard low cost commercial vacuum cleaners it is a must if you are running your machine for long periods. The unit is available in 100-120V 60HZ and 220-240V 50 Hz versions.

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