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Vacuum Generator

Vacuum Generator for Vacuum Table

We offer a high quality vacuum generator giving powerful suction to all accurate models with vacuum tables The unit will work with any PCB milling machine with a vacuum table.

Vacuum Generator
  • Price: Ask for quote
  • High suction power
  • On/Off switch control
  • Remote control by air pressure switch
  • 100-120V/60Hz or 220-240V/50Hz
  • Low noise and ability to run continuously
  • Compatible hose and fittings included
  • Long Service Life
  • Part No. : 75-0003

The vacuum generator is designed to have enough suction power to hold down the MDF exit board we supply as well as the PCB board to be drilled and milled. It has a very long service life and low noise. It contains a powerful side channel blower which creates the suction required. It is fitted with a single phase motor available in 100-120V 60HZ and 220-240V 50 Hz versions.

The unit is Universal and can be connected to any PCB milling machine with a vacuum table. It has two control options.
These are 1. Simple on/off switch. 2. By remote air pressure switch.

The unit is cost effective and unlike standard low cost commercial vacuum cleaners it is a must if you are running your machine for long periods.

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This unit is a vacuum generator that supplies our vacuum holding tables with the necessary suction power. It is based on a heavy duty, two stage Vortex turbine that generates up to 100 inches (254 cm) of water column, suction power @ 35 CFM (990 liters/min) air flow.

It is also equipped with an AC inverter drive that allows vacuum adjustment during the operation. Compatible hose and fitting to connect this unit to the table is included.

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