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Accurate CNC - A636 In Action

Watch the A636 In Action

This video presents shortly the process of machining of double layer prototype PCB, containing 144 pin LQFT & 32 pin QFP components. Each side of the prototype PCB (top & bottom layers) is processed in a completely automatic mode. Intervention of the operator is necessary only when the board should be flipped to process the bottom layer and make a fiducial registration.
In the clip is represented A636 machine with large table, servo positioning system, automatic tool change (16 toolholders) and 60K rpm spindle.
The video shows the performance of the following programs and procedures: Insulation (Top Layer), Rubout (Top Layer), Drill (Top Layer), Fiducial Registration (Bottom Layer), Insulation (Bottom Layer), Rubout (Bottom Layer), Cut (Bottom Layer).

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