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Accurate CNC - Rubout with A604

Watch the Rubout with A604

We are presenting to you three videos, on which you can see the work of our machine model Accurate 406. You may want to review its characteristics. We produce even more advanced models and you can be interested in the comparison of our machines with automatic tool change. For Accurate machines automatic tool change option is achieved by keeping the system's accuracy, which is not the case for most of our competitors. You can read why in the article Myths And Truths in PCB Prototyping (point 2). Our software PhCNC is simple, fast, smart, stable and easy-to-use. It is the best gerber interpretator! What you cannot see on the videos is that we also offer vacuum table as an option.

This video shows how fast you can run our systems. It contains close-ups of the process at 80 inch/min (34 mm/sec).

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