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Fabrication Manufacturing

Fabrication Manufacturing Service

Mega is pleased to announce a custom fabrication service. Using in house assets such as our 3M x 2M MultiCam CNC machine together with 25 years of product design and advanced manufacturing techniques we are now able to create products to your exact specification.

You may need custom parts routed in wood, metal or plastic or need a complete design and build service of a bespoke chemical processing tank line. Whatever your application we are happy to help you.

Listed below are a few examples of recent projects.

Please click on this link to our new web site for custom fabrication : www.cncroutinguk.com

Tin Line For Stevenage Circuits
Tin Line For Stevenage Circuits
Labratory Sink for Leeds University
Fabricated Gold Line
Custom Part Routing
Fabricated Tri Tank
Fluid Level Site Glass
Fabricated Samples
Plastic Welding
Nickel Gold Line
Nickel Gold Line

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