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Green Coat Solder Lacquer

Green Coat Solder Lacquer

Please note, due to carrier restrictions we can only supply aerosol products to the UK and mainland Europe!

Green Coat is a green solder lacquer to coat PCBs for hand soldering.

Green Coat is not designed to replace the benefits of conventional dry film or silk screen solder masks but it does provide the following advantages for hand soldered PCBs:

  • Prevents oxidisation of the copper tracks and pads
  • Considerably improves the solderability for the PCB
  • Provides a professional look green appearance to your PCB

Green Coat is available in a 150ml or 300ml Spray

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Order Code Description   1+ 5+ 10+ Qty:
600-051 GREEN COAT PCB SPRAY 150ml �8.25 �7.90 �7.50
600-052 GREEN COAT PCB SPRAY 300ml �10.70 �9.70 �9.50
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