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Microtrak PCB Chemicals

A range of PCB processing chemistry specifically for MICROTRAK Pre-coated PCB laminates.


Microtrak CPD5 Developer

High-resolution, positive-working developing solution suitable for use in a tank or processing tray. CPD5 is less aggressive than some other developers which contain Sodium Hydroxide and allows much greater control over the development process. It is also less affected by exposure to air and so has a much longer shelf life.

The solution is supplied in concentrate form and is mixed 4 parts water to 1 part developer. It should be used at room temperature (18-24�C). Available in 1 litre (makes 5 litres), 5 litre (makes 25 litres) pack sizes.
Only for use with Microtrak.

Order Code Description   1+ Qty:
12-15500 Microtrak CPD5 developer 1 ltr conc makes 5 ltr �19.80
Prices exclude VAT & Delivery

Microtrak CPS3 Resist Stripper

Non UK – Please do not order this item on-line for exports, please request a quotation as extra freight charges may apply.

An alkaline stripping solution supplied as 1 ltr. to make 5 ltrs or 5 ltrs to make 25 ltrs. Solution is used at 55-60�C.

Order Code Description   1+ Qty:
12-15061 Microtrak CPS3 stripper 1 ltr conc makes 5 ltr �28.65
Prices exclude VAT & Delivery
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