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Now with Quick Mark Digital (QMD) you can create your own professional graphic overlays. Mega Electronics has developed QMD, a product that allows users to make graphic overlays quickly, easily and cost effectively without compromising quality. QMD is a unique system for producing superior graphic overlays using just an office laser printer. It empowers through providing you with the in-house ability to make first-class graphic overlays.

Make Your Own Graphic Overlays: the finishing touch

There is no substitute for professional graphic overlays. Now you don't have to settle for anything less.

Key Features

  • Produce your own labels/signs/control panels
  • Print film with an ordinary laser printer
  • Highly durable; laser toner always sub-surface
  • All Bases self-adhesive
  • Low cost but high quality
  • Metal or plastic Base Sheets
  • Ideal for control panels
  • Polycarbonate finish available
  • A4 or A3

QMD Laser Film
QMD Laser Film is a heat stabilised 100 micron base polyester film. Available as A4 or A3 this film produces high density images when used with a host of colour and mono laser printers. The film features UV inhibitors to prevent fading and a toner receptive coating on both sides of the base polyester.

Quick-Mark Base Sheets
Vinyl Base Sheets are available in white, silver, yellow and transparent and 0.2mm aluminium. All Base Sheets have a cross-linked acrylic adhesive on both sides. They are offered as 10 x 12 or 12 x 20 for use with the A4 or A3 QMD Laser Film. The self-adhesive optional clear Over-Laminating films are available as a clear or matt PVC vinyl and a polycarbonate.

The process
The QMD Laser Film is reverse printed on your laser printer. It is then wet laminated, toner side down, to the Base Sheet of your choice. You then have a durable, self-laminated image.

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