Schools Showcase Award

Manor School and Sports College Northants
Jo Farr from Manor School and Sports College in Northants provided details of their Year 7 sublimation picnic project for a cutlery roll and place mat.

Students brainstorm the topic of picnics and produce initial images which they associate with the theme. The ideas are then developed to produce more abstract designs. These are reproduced using printed sublimation paper which is then cut into the required shapes and stuck onto a second piece of paper creating a collage.

(The work is done this way due to limitations in ICT access. It also assists the students to understand about the ink and paper properties).

Once the designs are reproduced the students use the heat press independently to print the polyester /cotton fabric.

They then machine material onto a backing piece of fabric to create a pocket for the cutlery and a loop for a napkin. Once this has been done the printed fabric is stitched and the picnic cutlery roll / place mat is completed.

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