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Professional PCB Production Kit 4

Professional PCB Production Kit 4

For 12" x 18" (305 x 457mm)

For the ultimate production facility FAPC Conveyorised processors are included in this kit. These allow fast, accurate and clean chemical processing. Once again precision is achieved by photoplotted artworks, an automatic tool change CNC drilling machine and chemical through hole plating. The larger equipment has a capacity of 305x457mm for a single PCB or a panel of several smaller boards.

Professional Circuit Board Production Kit 4

Images showing the production process achievable with the equipment provided in this kit...

  • 1. Negative Image

  • 2. Drilled Board

  • 3. Dry Film Developed

  • 4. Dry Film Etching

  • 5. Etched and Tinned

  • 6. Solder Mask

Kit 4 Products...

Please view the products included within this kit in the scrolling window below... this also shows the products in the order they would be used to process a PCB.

  • 1. XL Photoplotter for large precision artworks

  • 2. CNC drill with the Auto Tool Change machine, includes Floor Standing Enclosure

  • 3. Brush Clean the PCB Laminates

  • 4. Through Hole Plate in PL904 ABC Copper Plating Line

  • 5. Air Drying machine for the laminates

  • 6. Roll Laminator for Dry Film Resists

  • 7. Exposure to UV in large Double Sided unit

  • 8. Two FAPC Conveyors for Developing and Etching

  • 9. 5 tank unit for chemical processing

  • 10. Multi-Function chemical resistant sink to aid production

  • 11. Dispenser for Solder Mask

  • 12. Laminator for Solder Mask

  • 13. Laboratory Oven to cure Solder Mask

  • 14. 635mm Shear for cutting laminates

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