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The new Easy-PC is the latest evolution in the Easy-PC range of printed circuit board and schematic design systems. Easy-PC combines Number One Systems� wealth of experience in PCB design software with the intuitive user interface of Windows programs. The result is a powerful set of features normally only found in the most expensive design packages.

True Windows User Interface
Wherever possible, Easy-PC uses the same standard menu and command structure as popular office software. You will instantly feel at home with Easy-PC, regardless of whether you are an occasional user or a professional PCB designer. Use of the Windows Multiple Document Interface (MDI) allows both Schematic and PCB along with Library devices and simulation results to be open in their own windows, on screen, simultaneously. Analogue and Digital simulations are run directly from the schematic and Electromagnetic simulations run direct from the PCB.

Technology Files
Easy-PC for Windows uses technology files (that work like style sheets in a word processor) to enable the configuration of new designs in a matter of seconds. These technology files contain all the manufacturing information relating to the design, like track and pad dimensions, layers used clearances, grid settings etc. helping minimise the chances of costly design errors.

Sub-circuit re-use 
Intelligent copy and paste allows sections of designs to be copied within a design or over to new designs minimising risks and minimising design time. During re-use, connections are offered new net names and components sensibly re-numbered to minimise user effort.

Component Libraries
Easy-PC is shipped with an enhanced set of libraries, which can be easily integrated with your own libraries. New components can be easily added to your own libraries using the component and symbol editors.

Import your Old EASY-PC Designs
With the investment in time and effort as well as the precision of creating libraries, the retention of these is of paramount importance. Easy-PC For Windows enables you to import all of your old EASY-PC DOS designs into the new format. All libraries, circuit and component symbols can be imported in the same effortless manner. No other system offers this facility for EASY-PC files

Feature List

  • Integrated Schematic design and PCB layout environment in a true Windows GUI
  • Supplied with comprehensive IC and discrete libraries including surface mount components
  • Supported technology for through-hole, blind & buried vias and surface mount
  • True connectivity between Schematic and PCB layouts
  • Technology files for rapid design creation
  • Comprehensive Design Rule error checking and connectivity reporting
  • Rotation of items to 0.1 degree
  • 0.1 Micron system resolution
  • Unlimited number of layers, electrical or non electrical
  • Multiple Undo and redo
  • Element Properties defined for each element
  • Integrated interfaces to:
    Easy-Router Auto-router
    Spice A/D Mixed Mode Simulator
    Pro-Router advanced Auto-router
  • Supports Windows graphics drivers and print devices
  • Outputs manufacturing information to Gerber (274D, 274X), HPGL and Excellon drilling machines
  • Output to ODB++ manufacturing format
  • Automatic Power-plane generation with thermal relief pads and trace ploughing
  • Design in Imperial or Metric units with no rounding errors
  • Multi Sheet project based design in schematics
  • Intelligent connective bussing in schematics
  • Dynamic rubber banding during move
  • Net Optimiser simplifies manual routing
  • Cut, copy and paste - within the design, to other designs and bitmaps to other programs.
  • Infinitely definable Arcs
  • Graphical component pre-view
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Change package type i.e. from DIL to SM with graphical pre-view
  • On line Help and full paper documentation

    System Limits

  • Design Area: Up to 1.0 m by 1.0 m (39" by 39")
  • Positional Resolution: Down to 0.1 �m (at reduced area)
  • Graphic Grid: User-defined to full resolution - metric or inches
  • Snap Grid: User-defined to full resolution - metric or inches
  • Unlimited elements per design:
    Components: Unlimited
    Tracks Unlimited
    Pads Unlimited
    Text Strings Unlimited
    Polygons Unlimited
  • Maximum Pins per Component: Unlimited
  • User-defined Components: Unlimited
  • Export Formats:
    Export to clip board for pasting into DTP and other applications DXF (to AutoCAD and other drawing Packages)
    Comma Separated Variable for Stockit parts list and Microsoft Excel
  • Import Formats:
    EASY-PC (DOS)- designs and libraries (through design import)
    EASY-PC Professional � designs and libraries
    EASY-PC Professional XM � designs and libraries
    Net list import from Orcad (native EDIF net list) and
    Electronics Workbench

  • Upgrade options are available from all of the EASY-PC DOS programs
  • Pin limited variants (1000 and 2000) are limited to component pin count with no restrictions to functionality at all.

Pentium PC with 256Mb of RAM, Windows ME, Win2000 or Windows XP (Recommended), 100Mb hard disk space to install product and a CD-ROM drive.

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Easy-Router Autorouter
(Now supplied with Easy PC)

SOFTWARE Complimentary software to Easy-PC Auto-routing Additional Library Easy-Router Easy-PC that can help you produce perfect single, double-sided and multi-layer layouts automatically. Easy-Router combines the most powerful routing technologies to ensure that your tracks get through where other autorouters fail. Critical areas of the layout like clock or RF sections and important nets like power and ground connections can be wholly or partially routed manually, and Easy-Router left to finish the board at breakneck speed. Easy-Router allows you to control the routing and get the results that you require.

Gridless Routing
Gerber Import Gridless routing handles difficult components and mixed technologies, like through hole and surface-mount packages, making the maximum use of available space and fine line pitches.

  • Integrated to run directly from within Easy-PC for Windows
  • Automatically connects to internal power planes
  • Advanced Routing
  • Gridless or On-Grid - Ideal for surface-mount - optional on-grid vias for Automatic Test Equipment - allows Fine-line Design.
  • Shape-based for obstacle awareness.
  • Optimal Pad exit for high yield surface mount designs
  • Via reduction and track minimisation
  • No Vias option - All tracks change layer at component pins only. Ideal for prototypes top and bottom solder instead of through hole plating.

Easy-Router works with and requires any Easy-PC For Windows V8 or later, Pentium PC with 256MB of RAM, Windows 2000 or Windows XP


IPC-SM Library

The optional IPC-SM library contains supplementary component and PCB symbol libraries for use with any variant of Easy-PC For Windows, version 8.0 or later.

IPC-SM Standard
The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits (IPC) defines a number of standards for electronic devices. One of these is the "Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard" IPC-SM library, This specification has evolved from the old IPC-SM-782 standard, and defines the physical packaging characteristics and land patterns for a range of surface mounted devices. The IPC-SM library is also a useful reference document for general surface mount design techniques, containing sections on design requirements, reliability and testability.

Library Organisation
The PCB symbol library contains approximately 950 surface mount devices in a range of package types. These include chip capacitors, flat packs and chip carriers, in a range of sizes and pin counts, as defined in the standard. The component library contains the same number of items as the PCB symbol library, with a one-to-one correspondence in naming. The items in this library can be used "as is" when creating PCB layouts 'directly' by adding 'generic' components. They can also be copied to new components and edited using the Library tools in Easy-PC For Windows to quickly and easily create your own 'specific' components for particular devices.

Library Features
Discrete Devices � Chip Capacitors � Chip Tantalum � Capacitors � Metal Electrode Face (MELF) � Chip Inductors � Wire-Wound Chip Inductors � Chip Resistors � Small Outline Transistors (SOT) and Diodes (SOD) � Flat Pack Devices � Ceramic Flat Packs (CFP) � Ceramic Quad Flat Packs (CQFP) � Plastic Quad Flat Packs (PQFP) � Quad Flat Packs (QFP) � Shrink Quad Flat Pack (SQFP) � Chip Carrier Devices � Leadless Ceramic Chip Carriers (LCC) � Plastic Leaded Chip Carriers (PLCC) � IC Packages � Small Outline ICs (SOIC) � Small Outline J-Lead ICs (SOJ) � Small Outline Packages (SOP) � Shrink Small Outline ICs (SSOIC) � Thin Small Outline Packages (TSOP) � Modified Through-Hole Devices � Butt-Mounted Through-Hole DIPs

Prerequisites For Using the IPC Library
This library works with and requires any Easy-PC For Windows V8.0 or a later version.

System Requirements
The IPC-SM library works with and requires any Easy-PC For Windows V8 or later version, Pentium PC with 256MB of Ram Windows 2000 and Windows XP, 100B hard disk space for program files, CD-ROM drive.

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Gerber Import

With the minimum amount of effort the Gerber Import facility enables Gerber files in RS-274-D and RS-274-X format to be imported and viewed in Easy-PC For Windows version 8.0 and later.

The Gerber Import facility is available as a cost option and because it is an integrated entity within the main PCB design editor, there is no additional program or module to install. You simply |unlock| the option using a code which we supply you.

Importing Files
The import mechanism is as easy as opening a design. You select Import and the filename and press OK. If the file detected is RS-274-X format the pad and track styles are automatically assigned. Pad styles are automatically assigned from the embedded aperture information provided in this file format. If using the RS-274-D format, the table is presented to you for manual editing of the aperture information.

Replacement Templates
Although the Gerber import facility does not enable a full electrical rebuild of the original design, it does allow a shape template to be constructed from Gerber format files which can then be used to re-place and reconstruct a design. In instances where a full design rebuild is required it is recommended the Intelligent Gerber Import option is used.

View Before Manufacture
It also allows you view a Gerber file output from Easy-PC For Windows to verify what is in the file is what you expect before sending the files off to be plotted. This feature alone can save money in setup charges from the plot bureau with the added protection of not accidentally asking the plot house to plot the wrong thing!

Prerequisites For Using Gerber Import
The Gerber Import option works with and requires any Easy-PC For Windows V8.0 or a later version.


  • Fully integrated within Easy-PC For Windows PCB editor
  • Easy to use
  • Reads RS-274-D and RS-274-X formats
  • Auto-detects RS-274-X format
  • D-code table for RS-274-D can be rebuilt in Technology Styles
  • Automatically rebuilds drill hole data from RS-274-X format files
  • Provides flash to pad style conversion
  • Imports electrical and non-electrical Gerber data e.g. Silk screen, and component/solder layers
  • Imports board outline from Gerber format
  • Import preferences can be set up e.g. Data origin, units and file format
  • Also see Intelligent Gerber Import Datasheet for design rebuild option (requires Easy-PC V10)
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