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PCB Universal Drill Stand

A robust universal drill stand for drilling PCBs that will fit the above and a variety of Drills including the Dremel, 300, 3000, 4000, Black and Decker RT650 and Silverline 24965.

The assembly can be raised and lowered to set the desired drill height and features a two position hook system for a variety of drill housings. The sturdy Base Plate is 230 x 150mm and the Drill Lever can be changed to right or left handed use.

DM410 Dremel Drilling Station

A complete drilling station consisting of a DM403 variable speed Dremel drill, a PCB Universal Drill Stand and three tungsten carbide drill bits.

DM403 - High Speed PCB Drill

A 240v AC drill ideal for drilling PCBs with a variable speed control for speeds between 10,000 - 33,000 rpm. It features a sturdy shatter proof nylon housing and a dependable sleeve bearing 125 Watt motor and ball bearing driven shaft. A 1/8th" collet is fitted. Weight 450g.

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700-014 DM403 Variable Speed Dremel 73.00
700-307 DM410 AC Dremel Drilling Station 161.20
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Variodrill High Speed Drilling Machine

The Variodrill is a high speed machine which combines drilling accuracy with an increased level of operator comfort.

The spindle, which has a speed of 10,000 to 30,000 rpm, is located below the work table. The drilling cycle is initiated by pressing a foot switch, thus leaving both hands free to posi-tion the printed circuit board. The feed rate is continuously adjustable by means of a potentiometer at the front of the machine. Sighting of the drill is achieved by positioning the PCB so that the pad to be drilled is located beneath a target in a perspex plate fixed above the work table. Accuracy is increased by viewing the target through a magnifier.

The machine rests on an adjustable base which allows the work table to be tilted towards the operator, thus reducing operator fatigue.

The Variodrill is supplied as standard with a dust extraction unit which connects to the rear of the machine for effective removal of drilling debris.

Please note : Only drill bits without collars are suitable for use with the Variodrill.

Spindle speed 30,000 rpm (fixed)
Dimensions (mm) L340 x W240 x H175
Maximum board width 215mm (8.5")
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28-18060 Variodrill high speed drilling machine 1987.20 Sorry, This item is not available online. Please contact our sales department.
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