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Stainless Steel Sealing Tanks

Stainless Steel Sealing Tanks

Stainless Steal Sealing TankHB320 – max panel size 400mm x 500mm
HB1000 – max panel size 510mm x 1000mm

A completed Gedakop or ANO Transfer panel should be immersed in 98°C water for at least 45 minutes to seal the dye molecules in the surface of the aluminium, thus protecting the panel from scratching or by chemical attack from solvents etc. To carry out this process two Sealing Tanks are available. These tanks consist of a stainless steel inner tank and hinged bright stainless steel lid both of which are supported on a powder coated black steel frame.

The inner tank has 20mm thick high temperature thermal cladding between it and the supporting frame. The outside cladding is white polypropylene sheet attached to the outside of the supporting frame.

The front control panel houses an illuminated rocker switch and a digital temperature controller which is set to 98°C +/- 1°C. This temperature can be changed by the user if necessary.

The tank is also fitted with a low level cut out device to prevent it from being run if the liquid level falls below the top of the heater. A drain tap fitted to the bottom of the tank to enable it to be easily emptied.
Each tank is supplied with 5 basket holders.

  HB 320 HB1000
Overall Dimensions L697mm W264mm H687mm L1210mm W264mm H820mm
Weight 30kg 45kg
Tank Capacity 45 litres 107 litres
Heat-up time 1½ - 2 hours 2 - 2½ hours
Maximum panel size 400 x 500mm 510 x 1000mm
Heaters 220/240 KW 2 x 2 KW
Electrical requirements 220/240V ac 50Hz single phase 13 amp supply 220/240V ac 50Hz single phase 16 amp supply
Fuse 10 amp 25mm x 6.3mm 16 amp 32mm x 6.3mm

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800-040 GEDASEAL 1 LTR.MIX 3ml/LTR DEIONIZED WTR 13.00 Sorry, This item is not available online. Please contact our sales department.
800-047 HB320 SEALING TANK 400X500MM 717.20 Sorry, This item is not available online. Please contact our sales department.
800-059 HB1000 SEALING TANK 510X1000MM 1350.00 Sorry, This item is not available online. Please contact our sales department.
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Sealing Consumables

Gedaseal solution needs to be added to the water used in the sealing tank. It helps seal the panels and prevents excessive ingress of dye into the sealing water. 'Seno' universal solvent is needed to remove the protective seal and clean the fin-ished sealed panel. The solvent can also be used to thin the Gedalu screen printing pastes.

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