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ARC Mug Press

ARC Mug Press

Arc Mug Press 230V Including 10-11oz Element / Heating Band

The Arc Mug Press is a new sublimation press with an improved lever mechanism to provide even pressure along the surface of cylindrical items. The Arc excels at providing the two key elements to successful sublimation mug printing; uniform heat and constant even pressure.

What makes the Arc different is the angle of travel of the lever when applying pressure to the mug. In other mug presses the levers tend to travel in a horizontal path which can give uneven surface pressure and even wrinkles in the heater band or sublimation paper. The ‘Arc movement’ of the pressure lever in this new press helps prevent those issues.

The Arc is supplied with one heater band for 10-11oz mugs to fit our Durham Mugs and Aluminium Drinking Bottles. An optional band is available to press the 12oz Enamel White Cups and the Mini Stainless-Steel Mugs

  • Digital time setting : 1-999 seconds
  • Digital temperature setting : 0-220°C
  • Power : 300 watt, 230 V
  • Size : 34.2 x 35 x 22.8cm
  • Weight : 5.5kg

Unique lever action of the ARC press

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70-1600 ARC MUG PRESS WITH 10-11oz ELEMENT 185.00
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Optional Heater Band for Metal Cups and Mugs

Optional Heater band for metal cups and mugs

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Sublimation Mug Processing

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