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Sublimation System - Vacuum Forming Plastics

Vacuum Forming Plastics (packs of 10 sheets)

White sublimation plastic for imaging before vacuum forming. Printed image is allowed to cool in the flat before forming. With this product and all soft plastics, ordinary sublimation paper will stick. To prevent this use either the 'special paper' with older Epson or Ricoh printers or the new Sublimation Foil which works with any printer.

Vacuum Forming Plastics

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71-2031 WHITE VAC FORM SHEETS 520MMX515MM 1MM (PK 10)** For best reuslts print with Mega Sublimation Foil ** 32.90
71-2032 WHITE VAC FORM SHEETS 257MMX520MM 1MM (PK 10)** For best results print with Mega Sublimation Foil** 16.75
71-2033 WHITE VAC FORM SHEETS 305MMX520MM 1MM (PK 10) **For best results print with Mega Sublimation Foil** 20.30
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