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Sublimation System - Shears & Corner Rounders

Shears and Corner Rounders

DM 9000 and DM 9001 shears for plastics and Sublimation Aluminium

Two powerful, cost effective, shears which have the ability to accurately cut plastics up to 2.00mm thick and various aluminium materials up to 1.5mm. An important feature of these shears is safety. Free access to the cutting area is prevented by heavy Perspex shielding extending along both sides of the blade. A safety latch is fitted to the pivot to prevent operation without it first being released. For positional accuracy the cutting bed is fitted with a rule which is recessed to assist in securing the PCB or sheeting whilst cutting is in progress.

The DM9000 has a cutting capacity of 203mm (8") and is extremely compact with an overall height of only 575mm and a footprint of 335 X 140mm. It has a cutting bed of 110mm wide from the blade although wider material can be cut.

The larger DM9001 will cut materials up to 305mm (12") and has a height of 670mm and a footprint of 440 x 245mm. It has a larger cutting bed 225mm wide from the blade although once again wider material can be cut.

ES420 Corner Rounder

An inexpensive invaluable tool to meet the demand for a quick corner rounding facility for plastic/metal labels and front panels. It is ideal for finishing off labels and signs produced with sublimation plastic and metal. The table is effectively split into two halves enabling a choice of a 4mm or 6mm radius depending on which side of the table you use. Overall height with handle upright 8" (205mm) and weight 1.2Kg.

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