Spray Etch/Developer

Testimonials from customers of the Rota-Spray
After years of using the etch tanks, we bought a Rota-Spray. The Rota-Spray has brought etching into the 21st century.
Itís quicker, cleaner and more efficient, producing an industry standard result without spending a lot of time or money.
DF & GM, Lincoln College

The Rota-Spray etch/developer system is a major, low-cost breakthrough for the production of PCBs in schools. It is quick, clean and produces excellent quality PCBs. The temperature and processing times can be set accurately through digital controllers, which greatly improves quality control. Being able to examine the PCBs without removing them from the Rota-Spray is an added bonus.
It is one of the best pieces of equipment the school has purchased for many years.
David J McHugh, B.A.
Head of Technology, Abraham Guest High School

The Rota-Spray we recently purchased from Mega Electronics has resulted in the manufacture of high quality PCBs in a much faster time than we were previously able to achieve. Itís simple and safe and easy to use by students and has drastically reduced the amount of mess made during manufacturing PCBs.

A great investment for any department manufacturing PCBs.

AJ, Parrs Wood Technology College

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