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Titan 3500 Vertical Etching Machine

Titan 3500

Titan 3500 Spray Processor offers the ultimate fine line resolution for PCB or Metal Etching applications

The Titan 3500 is a vertical spray processor for etching or developing. Unlike conventional machines, the substrate is rotated during the chemical spray process on a clamping wheel which provides ultra-fine developing or etching, to 25µ without undercutting.

The substrate is fitted into the clamping wheel which is inserted from above into the machine. The special nozzles are designed so that the full spray cone hits the substrate with a spinning action. During the etching process the clamping wheel with the substrate is continuously rotated by a gear motor and transport rollers. The rotating wheel and the spin of the spray cone of the precision nozzles ensure a highly precise etch.

The etching progress can be inspected through the transparent PVC front and when complete the etching process is automatically stopped by a timer. The processing can also be stopped lifting the cover which is connected to a safety switch.

Power Supply : 208/240V 1 Phase 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : Max. 2200W
Max. Substrate Size: 350 x 350mm
Dimensions:  950 x 750 x 1100mm
Working Height: 1150mm
Tank Content 28l
Etching Pump: Magnetic centrifugal pump with approx. 80l/min throughput (gross)
Digital-Timer for Etching Pump: 0 - 999 seconds
RPM: Stepless adjustable
Weight: 90kg

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